Packages/addons on router or rpi?

Currently i run Homeassistant on a rpi 4B, with adguard, nginx and duckdns. I just flashed my xiaomi AX3200 with openwrt (rc6), mainly because i got annoyed with the 10k daily calls the stock firmware makes to a xiaomi api.

Now i'm not sure what to install where so to speak. To me it would make sense to keep the remote access on Home assistant (nginx, duckdns) instead of moving those a step closer to the 'outside'.

For adguard i'm not sure, on the one hand i imagine dns queries would be faster if it's installed on the router, as it's 1 less hop back and forth, at the other hand the rpi has more processing power (I use a lot of addiotonal filters).

Then I'm also considering running unbound to speed up dns and increase anonimity. As for placement i supose it's the same consideration as for adguard.

Last, currently i use wireguard for a dns-only connection to route through adguard when i have an external connection.

Is there a specific approach that's smart here? Or perhaps it's just generally recommendable to put as much on the router as possible, or offload as much to other devices?