Package to monitor web traffic


I am interested to install an OpenWrt package to monitor web traffic as a parental control utility. The main functionality is filter by IP/MAC and by type of traffic (browser traffic in particular). What could be the best suggestion for this purpose? Ideally, not too involved technically and with GUI.


What kind of browser traffic would you like to filter?

I'd like to filter out the regular browsing traffic coming from a particular LAN device. The idea is that this package serves as a sort of parental control monitor.

fine, but the access should be restricted based on what ?
sites ? IPs ? time online ? bw usage ? data usage ?

For access restriction (if any) - based on whitelist/blacklist of sites. But the primary thing is to be able to understand/monitor the browsing history (doesn't have to be real-time).

The Internet Logs on pcWRT seem to be close to what I was thinking about:

Perhaps, a proxy server is the right tool for the monitoring/blacklisting of web traffic? :thinking: One of the names mentioned here - Privoxy, Squid or Tinyproxy...