Package recommendation for basic wireless site survey

Looking for advice on a tool/package, to do some basic wireless site survey type jobs. I have a test router with openwrt installed, and would like to use it for signal strength analysis in different areas of my workshop. I have never found any great package personally, but am not a openwrt/lua expert either.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Wouldn't a mobile phone be better for that? I mean, you can actually walk around with it and get more-or-less realtime results. Personally, I use the Android-app called WiFiman just for such purposes.


Well, yes, actually you are correct and I have the same app. I believe I do anyways, as its the Unifi app I think. As much as a brain fart as this seems, it is just that and this would be a better option. Perhaps I was over thinking it.. Or perhaps I just wanted to get some use out of this router that sits around pouting with nothing to do all day..

Nonetheless, and I appreciate the reminder as I hadn't really thought about it, I'm still curious about a package that can do something similar. Even with it staying stationary, I'd like to scan and track, if that makes sense. For no good reason, other than.. I'm a nerd.

Well, I can understand the appeal in just simply playing around with stuff, but I don't have any recommendations for you, then. Sorry. Perhaps someone else will chime in with something.

one of the weierder things i did with an openwrt router that had nothing to do was use a USB hub & turn it into a bluetooth A2DP audio receiver with USB Bluetooth & USB Sound Card, or you could try a script like this (Would need modified to write the output of the ssid scan to a file and cut out the unnecessary parts for connecting but seems doable to me :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry you said signal strength, my bad

EDIT 2: This should be possible with a shell script roughly:

iw dev wlan0 link
Then GREP either signal OR RX bitrate & write this to a file with a timestamp & wait then loop
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Will definitely try this out today, very much appreciate your input. Also.. I like the audio receiver concept as well, honestly wouldn't even have thought of anything near this creative which.. Is pretty bad a$$...


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There used to be an app called InSIDer but i think its gone now (or became a paid app.)

I have a few on my phone however. Ubiquiti's Unifi Network app and their Wifiman This has a heatmap mode.
Wifi Analyzer and another called WiFi Heatmap . One i like is called Network Cell Info Lite . This actually has dedicated signal meters for both LTE and Wifi. It shows channels and other data too.

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Nice, a few other ones to check out... Haven't used it in a few months but inSSIDer's free version was working back then, at least on my Win PC desktop, I think the Android version didn't work on my phone. They do want you to pay for the full one though.

I've been fond of this one for a long heat map but the channel graph mode is good. There's a time vs RSSI graph that might be helpful in walking an area.
VREM Wifi Analyzer