Package Manager : Download Failed, wget returned 4

Hey, I just installed OpenWRT on my Archer C-60 v2 and have managed to get it working (Internet works).

It's currently a bridged setup where A LAN cable from the ISP Router is connected to a LAN port on the Archer C-60.

They also operate under the same subnet where DHCP is provided by the main router whose IP is and the Archer C60 operates at

All ping commands return a bad address

All Error messages are the usual ones as seen by people who have the same issue :
opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 4.
* opkg_download: Check your network settings and connectivity.

IPv6 seems to disabled, what are the changes I should make to get the package manager working?

Connect from Ian of main router to Wan of openwrt router

The typical error is that you have not yet set the gateway and dns parameters in the OpenWrt router to point to the ISP router (

(the client PCs connected do get the info via DHCP, but the OpenWrt router itself has the fixed IP and needs those params set manually.)

Described in the "Dumb AP" advice:


Oh I did set the gateway parameter but what do I enter for DNS? I thought it would forward it to the main router?
Thank you for the links, I will look into it, on another note, the default LAN interface has a Virtual Switch on it, is this necessary? What purpose does it serve? Will modifying this do the job?

The main router. Read the advice.

Where did you tell it that there is a "main router"? It doesn't guess it by itself...
The possibly missing parameters provide that info.

My bad, the previous firmware assumed/didn't require those values without any input from my side.

Thank you for your help, I just had to route the DNS to my main router (Set the DNS on the Secondary Router as or whatever IP the default gateway is at.)

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