Package for OpenWrt and web site server

Hello, please recommend packages for OpenWRT, for security or just useful for my task. A server for sites will be connected to OpenWRT. in openwrt besides the server will thrust one more router on openwrt, for home users
until that was going to establish:

  1. netfilter
  2. sqm

If you want to provide a webserver to the outside world, OpenWrt should not be on your shortlist for hosting these dæmons. A normal server oriented Linux (or *BSD) distribution (like Debian, Fedora/ CentOS, arch, gentoo, OpenSuSE, Mandriva, Ubuntu, …) will provide a better (more features and way more secure) environment for this (in-place upgrades and quicker turnaround for security issues in these packages, which are not in OpenWrt's primary focus).

OpenWrt is a great router distribution - and can do a pretty decent job as a base for much more, but its focus is still on severely underpowered platforms with very limited main storage. This different focus requires compromises in terms of in-place upgrades, which is essential for security reasons. For normal router tasks, this is less of a concern, as the attack surface for those tends to be rather limited, but the more you overload your router with optional (leaf-) services, which provide their own (huge, in terms of webservers, PHP, SQL, etc.) attack surface to the internet at large, the more you are at risk (and the less OpenWrt remains an acceptable option).