Package etesync (and its dependencies)


  1. nginx: Did some work. What do you think?
  2. ariang: Nothing changed, ready for new Nginx.
  3. uwsgi: Could you point me, where you see the strange behavior?
  4. sqlparse (merged)
  5. django-cors-headers (merged)
  6. drf-nested-routers (merged)
  7. django-etesync-journal (merged)
  8. etesync-server: I will work on it afterwards.
  9. luci: I will work on it afterwards.
  10. django (merged)

Update (cannot edit too old posts), the following are to be done:

  1. nginx: using nginx-util …
  2. ariang: unchanged and ready.
  3. uwsgi: fix for dead-lock
  4. django-rest-framework: bump version after testing.
  5. django-cors-headers: bump version after testing.
  6. django-etesync-journal: bump version after testing.
  7. etesync-server: I will work on it afterwards
  8. luci: I will work on it afterwards

Made them ready (beside luci):

  1. nginx edit: this would fix an issue with IPv6 disabled, too.
  2. ariang draft depending on Nginx change
  3. uwsgi (merged)
  4. python3-asgiref (merged) and django-restframework fixing issues with Django
  5. django-cors-headers (merged)
  6. django-etesync-journal (merged)
  7. etesync-server draft depending on Nginx change

I created an intermediate PR for ariang that works with Nginx before and after the proposed PR.

A little OT, but i was thinking ... as we have nginx-util.... Why not add some type of configuration to it with uci? Fox example set the position of the https cert... enable gzip or some other? Or is just overkill? I still didn't test the util as I don't have lots of time ATM

I thought also about that. Right now I am writing some tests for the tool and do some cleanup, too. Afterwards, we can extend it step by step.

The most interesting thing would be to setup server parts with it. But, that is what I would want to do at first as a user and that would be also nice to have in Luci ...

Then we would keep the main /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file and add only some additional files in /etc/nginx/conf.d/. The generated files could coexist with the other files ...

Not sure: Do you meant enabling uci for nginx-util or for nginx? For nginx-util in the current state it would be a bit of overkill, but we could use it to setup the configuration for nginx ...

The idea is to use nginx-util or some tool to generate a config based on some uci option and then start nginx

Made a draft PR for using nginx-util to setup Nginx conf files from uci config /etc/config/nginx ...