Package differences between LEDE17 / OpenWrt18?

Hi fellow OpenWrt enthusiasts, I ran across an odd issue building a new Linksys WRT 1200ac off of the latest 18.06 branch and was curious to get others' take on it.

On the LEDE 17 branch openvpn-openssl was available, installed, and running as a service on the original 1200ac, however, the OpenWrt 18 branch can't seem to locate a compatible package... Previously this guide was used to configure the old hardware, and it hints that the 18 branch should be compatible.

My question is, is there some major difference between these two branches, so much so that this package is no longer available for this hardware..? Or is there something I'm missing to get this ipk on the new build?

Thanks for your time!

I'm not sure why openvpn-openssl isn't showing up for you unfortunately, but fwiw my wrt1200 is on 18.06.2 and I installed OpenVpn from the guide you linked and it works fine and has openvpn-openssl installed, so it should be available for you I assume (just not sure why it's not).

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You probably want want to bump OpenSSL yourself as the 18-branch doesn't have the latest OpenSSL 1.0.2x library in tree but it should be available. If you're building your own firmware you might aswell go with master branch as it carries 1.1-branch and updated versions of OpenSSL too (not the latest however).

After more unplugging and replugging, turns out there was something wonky with connectivity. All the diagnostic steps I used had passed yet the new pkg lists weren't actually being pulled. I hooked the new router up to the main line coming in and the pkg lists got updated, and voila.

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