Package DEPENDS to remove package?

I'm attempting to add support for snort3, but still want to maintain snort2 compatibility. Because of this, I needed to also add package support for libdaq3.

I need a way to have libdaq/libdaq3 act exclusionary. Then, I can key the snort versions to the libdaq it needs, forcing the other one off (ex: snort3 will have a +libdaq3 dependancy, which I want to force libdaq off). And, anything that works with daq 2.2.2 probably won't play nice with daq 3.0.1, given the symbol errors I've seen, so it'll protect me from myself in selecting packages.

I keep getting an error when I try direct negation (using +!libdaq, for example). I'm sure I'm overlooking something. Any help appreciated!

This is not supported. You must do the packaging in a way that allows libdaq and libdaq3 to co-exist on the system.

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Thank you,sir!

No need to add support since it is already supported. snort3 is already in the package repository

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I'll take a look, but since the snort3 repo is referencing libdaq, which is still 2.2.2, it won't compile, at least on my system. When I started the project, I couldn't find anything in the documentation.

Again, thank you!

The both compile fine on mine, on the master repo.

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