Package architecture repository disparity and what is the process for getting a package in a repo


I'm wondering why some repositories have access to a lot more IPK files than others.

For example, I have OpenWrt running in VirtualBox (x86_64) where I do all my planning and testing - and one thing I came across was the "luci-theme-material" which I was able to grab and find the location in the repository for this architecture where the theme lives.

Now for my actual router, a Linksys WRT32X ( mvebu/cortexa9 ) I went to the corresponding link to view the packages that get built for it, and there's a pretty big discrepancy.

After this, I decided to do some digging for the package (theme) I was interested in, and was able to find a bunch of other architectures package repositories on the OpenWrt site that had an IPK built for it. I wouldn't think for something such as a theme, that architecture would come into play - but there's probably something I don't realize here.

Hopefully this has built some context for what I'm trying to figure out here. After viewing a couple of the package repositories I've noticed a large disparity between a variety of architectures and am simply wonder why that may be case. In addition, how would I advocate or get a package I am interested in promoted as an install-able IPK for an architecture I'm interested in (again for example lets say "luci-theme-material").

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and help me understand a bit more how this process works!

You comparing target-specific packages of mvebu to the actual luci packages of x86_64:

the packages under "targets" are a small amount of kernel-dependent packages, not the general packages.

You should check the correct packages feeds for mvebu
e.g. for luci packages

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Suddenly this makes a lot more sense. Thank you so much for responding! Hopefully this prevents someone else from scratching their heads after getting lost in the directories like me. It's very clear now - again appreciate it!

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