P910nd was broken in the new version of openwrt 23.05

Hi Oleh

As I understand (thanks for the scripts and config - they help), you run a usb hotplug script. p910nd runs a usbmisc hotplug script. First, usb runs. Then, usbmisc (it's at a higher layer than usb, I think).

Can you disable your script? usbmisc internally takes care of mounting the usb devices.

Unplug your printer, disable your script (chmod -x /etc/hotplug.d/usb/02-usb-lp_Print_server), replug (a now non-working) printer then run:

ls -l /dev/usb
# then
find /sys/ | grep lp[0-9]
# then
find /sys/ | grep lp[0-9] | grep -io usb[123456789]

In principle there is no difference between the old and new configs. The new one is augmented with more info for those devices where a blob might need to be loaded.