P910nd sleeping some times?

Hi everybody,
I'm on OpenWrt 18.06.2 on a home router. I've installed saned and p910nd to use a samsung scx-4623f, following guides on openwrt.org everything works very well! Saned is perfect backend and p910nd is very very fast and good in a small home environment (I'm a bit surprised how it works really good =)

Anyway, some times after some time of inactivity, or after being turned off and on, the printer doesn't print. And the only way to make it work again is ssh into the router and restart p910nd service /etc/init.d/p910nd restart if helps somebody).

Can somebody help me debug this issue? Is there any log, or something where to get hints? Any help would be appreciated.

what router? ( relevant as usb can vary based on platform )

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It's a NETGEAR WNDR4300 (Atheros AR9344). Do you think it could be the usb going into something like a power save mode?

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Same problem on my TP-LINK WDR3600 (also AR9344 SoC) and Samsung SCX-3200 printer. The Problem came with 18.06.2, was working fine before that.


@cyablo did you find any better fix/workaround for the issue? I don't like the idea of downgrading

Seems to be fixed in master snapshots builds.

You mean 18.06.4?

Probally not. Think he likely means what he said:

I'll try just stable releases. Don't have much time to fix too many problems.