P910nd problem

Good morning everyone! The "saga" continues ...

I redid the configuration of my 1043ND router using version 18.06.8 for testing ...
I reinstalled the HP driver on my desktop and now I was able to correctly set the print processor to "XQX" ...

I remade the script exactly the same way and with the same name that @bolvan had posted, performed the test using the command "cat", the printer starts normally, but I still can't print.

In the desktop driver, I configure this for appoint to the ip (router ip / printserver), config for RAW mode and port 9100 ... Do not print!

I restarted the router and nothing ... I believe that for some problem, the script does not start on the router or whatever else may be happening ... How to test to see that starts or no??

I followed the tutorial step-by-step, everything works, but it doesn't print.

I removed the USB hub and connect my print directly on the router... I remove extroot configs too.

Ah, I disabled the firewall on the print-server and the main router, as well as the Windows firewall too ...

Could someone give me the command of tcpdump to monitor the router if any request is coming from the Windows machine?

I haven't given up yet lol

If cat firmware; cat xqx doesnt work then it won't work at all
All what p910nd does is netcat-ting socket input to specified lp device
it receives prn file and pipes it to lp

does your printer work if connected to a PC ?

tcpdump -ni br-lan tcp port 9100
but you can also run wireshark in windows

note that scripts must be unix EOL (0A instead of OD0A)

So @bolvan, when I run the command "cat /lib/firmware/hp/sihpP1005.dl> / dev / usb / lp0" on the router's shh, the printer's LED flashes and the printer's mechanism moves.

Yes, my printer works normally connected to my Windows PC ...

About tests with wireshark / tcpdump, i will make the tests and post report here...

"note that scripts must be unix EOL (0A instead of OD0A)"
For that, I need more help. I lack knowledge.

I have a doubt:

The script that loads the firmware, is it loaded every time the router starts, stopping and starting p910nd?

When it starts, should it turn on the LED and the printer mechanism?

I am reconfiguring again to check that I did not make any mistakes, because I think it should work perfectly, just as it works with your printer ...

You dont need to check anything until your cats do print
If they dont, nothing will work

EOL : if you copy paste script to windows notepad then copy it to the router - it will not work

Did you replace firmware with the version I posted here ?