P910nd: print daemon usb hotplug update

I overhauled the hotplug (shell) script for the p910nd print daemon. I need some feedback on it, and ideally some testers to see whether we can shake out any bugs. It's well tested but I'd like to see how various USB printers fare. Maybe 3d printers if anyone has dared to try those with p910nd.

It's tested on v23, I think it's even compatible all the way back to v19. v18 is untested.

Take a look at the PR here to find the updated hotplug script, and leave some feedback there if you can suggest working and functioning improvements or even a "thanks, worked for me".

You need to install the script yourself for testing but once the PR is accepted it's included in upcoming p910nd package updates.

Remember: this is hotplug and driver loading (you still need to provide the print driver blob).

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PR is now merged, so the hotplug script is available in the master branch.