P910nd always bidirectional

OpenWrt 22.03.5 r20134 ,p910nd whatever i do after reboot options Bidirectional mode
always 1 (always on). is it a bug ?

Also the folder with driver is empty
option driver_file '/opt/p910nd_drivers/HP_HP_Laser_MFP_131_133_135-138_03f0_f22a.bin'

could be

/opt isn't a default openwrt folder, we don't know where it's pointing on your device.


device you mean printer or router?
do i have to find the firmware and put it myself ?
and where can i find it if i have to
how to report a bag?

you do, it's not part of openwrt.

it'll probably be in the Win printer driver from HP.
you looking for (and perhaps not finding) it isn't an openwrt issue though.

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but why it has .bin extension like it is firmware for the printer i think drivers has other exention and anyway why the p910nd has to have this file for what porpuse?For windows clients? what if i print from Android ?

if your printer needs the driver or not, I cannot tell, I assumed you knew, since you asked about it.

an extension is just that, feel free change it to .p00p, if you'd like.

some printers have parts of the sw stored in a file delivered from the client, without this file, the printer won't work.

if this is one of those printers, you can't print directly from Android
the printer probably wouldn't have a network interface anyway.

Well my printer has usb only,the printer connected to router via USB, it prints from windows and Android, so I assume I don't need that file?

I would assume so ...

As a workaround You can create empty firmware file with touch command in /opt/p910nd_drivers/ so p910nd daemon will not complain. It works with my HP P2035 connected to router.

EDIT: Problem with non-existent firmware file seems to be fixed now.

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