OwnCloud on LEDE will make it the best cloud possible

I am looking for some help in installing OwnCloud on LEDE. I have trawled the internet without any luck in installing it.
OwnCloud is a dropbox like service that will make it a private cloud.

Can someone point me in a direction of how to install it. If it makes any difference my device is WNDR4700 from Netgear.

I hope everyone can see the idea in having your own supercharged cloud!


Sorry to dampen your expectations of a "supercharged cloud".

OwnCloud is not friendly for embedded system such as routers. Hardware is the bottleneck. I tried it on my Linksys WRT1900ACS v2. If you only upload some small files, it's OK. If you want to upload GB size files, it doesn't work. Seems owncloud requires much much RAM for big file uploading. I tried to upload 1.4GB ubuntu IOS file via owncloud, the router just crashed and restarted.

Maybe you can try WebDav.

Thanks guys for your good advice. I think I will start researching on webDav to see how that will work. I just loved the functionality of Dropbox where files are both local and in the "cloud" but it seems like there are no alternatives to that for LEDE.

Thanks again, and if you have more ideas or suggestion I am all ears!

I have now researched a bit on webdav and found davfs2 but there are not guides to set it up. I thought getting contact to your drive outside your lan was something people wanted all the time. Can you guys help a bit more a direct me how to get this done with webdav?

Much appreciated!