ownCloud not visible unless /www/owncloud/data is set to 777 rights

I've managed to (almost) successfully install ownCloud on my WRT32X device.
I have gotten it to load and got passed the admin username/password setup. Immediately after creating my admin user via the http site, I got this error:

The issue is, when I do change the rights for /www/owncloud/data to 770 by initiating the command:

chmod 770 -R /www/owncloud/data

I don't get any webpage loaded, in fact, I get nothing like this:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am so close! I've been teaching myself Linux and in particular modification of the OpenWRT system -- I will not accept failure. FYI, I am a rookie but I will do my best to understand.


Solved it! Myself! I am getting better!

chown -hR http /www/owncloud

This allows me to access it with 0770 rights on /www/owncloud/data!


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