Ovislink / Airlive AC1200-R

Hello guys, yesterday I got the Airlive AC1200-R. It's a dual band router capable of WISP/AP which I need to use. The problem is I need it to connect to a 5GHz a/c router and create another 2,4GHz AP.

It works. But the 5GHz a/c band only reaches 25Mbit even with 100% signal strength (maximum would be 150Mbit). The web interface is somewhat glitchy like setting a WISP on 5GHz band leaves the operation mode set as AP - while still getting the signal from the other router and routing it to 2,4GHz/ethernet.

I want to ask if someone else have these problems on some other piece of hardware, the chipset is MT7620A/MT7612EN. Or if anyone knows about alternate firmware for this one.

Sadly the router seems not to be very common but it looks like a decent one if there were no problems with the slow 5GHz.