Overview of active connection bandwidth usage

Very new to OpenWRT combined with not being particularly bright. I am using OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I am using Wulfy's OpenWRT image and everything works very well. The one thing readily accessible on my old RT-AC68U that I can't seem to replicate on the new router is an overview page. The one on the Asus had a speed gauge at the top for upload and download currently in use for the WAN. Below that was a list of every client and how much each was currently uploading and downloading. You could even click on the individual client and it would break out what it was connected to and how much bandwidth each connection was using. It was like a graphical display of iftop.

I can get this information from an SSH terminal using iftop and then pressing the "s" key which groups all traffic from each client together and sorts by who is downloading the most. This is great! Is there a luci app that has this exact information in it that refreshes every 3 or 5 seconds or something?

Also, I don't know how to enter names for devices so that they show up with a name instead of an IP address. Some seem to do this automatically while others don't.

There's Netlink Bandwidth Monitor, which collects statistics of sources and protocols. I think it's something like luci-app-nlbwmon.

Thank you for the reply. I do have nlbwmon. It was already included in the image I'm using. The problem is that it recording how much bandwidth each device used for a day. I'm looking for something that tells me how much bandwidth each client is using real time like iftop does in a terminal window. Perhaps I just don't have nlbwmon configured correctly.

Sorry I don't know of anything better. I'm interested too if there is. There's some article in the wiki about bandwidth monitoring, but as far as I remember all the other solutions are cli stuff.

EDIT: I just realized I don't actually care any more about what machine is consuming bandwidth, since SQM with CAKE is so good at equally sharing bandwidth each moment among all users. When few machines need bandwidth, they get it all. When lots of machines need it, then each gets an equal share. In addition, nlbwmon gives me the long term ( 1-30 d ) statistics of what machines consume the most in general, so I can take action if necessary.

I'm with you on this. I'm using SQM cake as well. However it would be nice to know who is burning up the internet connection. I don't have a lot of speed to divvy up and there are a couple dozen devices on my network. Some of them don't matter and can be turned off if they are being bandwidth pigs.

This is not a problem for someone with a couple hundred megabits of internet service but it is when you have 15 mbps QOS or not.