Outdoor router help PLEASE

I have an outdoorrouter sitting on top of my roof (difficult to get to and reset) I have basically changed the settings to DHCP client (long story). Now I can't get into the router even by using the default ip to set it back. Can anyone please help?

At the very least you would need to know the IP address that it's getting from your other router. Maybe you can login to that router and check for the IP address. Best practice is to have it directly connected via an ethernet cable when making networking changes.

Hi yes I DO have a direct network cable. I have cabled directly to a PC then using obtain ip automatically and it comes back with unidentified network.Apparently default is 168.30.1 but I can't ping this.
Appreciate any help.

Apologies there are no other routers involved at this stage I'm plugged straight in.

I use these terminal commands on Manjaro Linux, not sure if they are helpful to you:

ip addr show|egrep /24

ip r | grep default | awk '{ print $3 }'

Thanks for your help but not altogether sure how I can connect to it to achieve that. My knowledge is fairly limited. Think I'm going to have to climb onto roof.

If you are connected via an ethernet cable I'd try both of those commands before I climb on the roof.

I only have a Windows PC available and do t want to put a another os on there. Appreciate advice though.

OpenWrt DHCPv4 client has no default IP-- if a DHCP server does not assign an IPv4, IPv4 connection is not possible. I think one of the options of Windows Internet connection sharing is a virtual router with DHCP server.

If you haven't fully disabled IPv6, IPv6 link local may work. Run wireshark to see the router advertising its IPv6 address.

I ended up getting a roofer to climb up and reset it...

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