Outdoor PoE AP recommendation


I'm planning to extend wifi outdoors and I'm looking for outdoor PoE AP with good range and possibly good OpenWrt support.


There's the EAP225 Outdoor v1 e.g.


I looked at the specs of EAP 225 Outdoor v1. It has 3 dBi (for 2.4 GHz) and 4 dBi (for 5 GHz) antennas. Antennas have considerably good range, saw a review where EAP 225's signal reached around 70 meters. But I'm not sure if they are strong enough, for example to pass signal through solid plastic (around 0.5 inch thick).

It depends entirely on the type of plastic. Lots of plastic will be radio transparent, other plastic not so much.


The EAP-225 Outdoor specs look like a chip for chip clone of the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Mesh. I've had good results with the AC-Mesh but never tried a EAP-225.

As far as whether the plastic will block a signal, set up any router or AP from your collection at a reasonable range (say 30 m for an indoor AP) from the plastic, and check the signal on both sides.

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