Out of memory: dhcpv6.script eth0 rebound


After installing openwrt (in a virtualbox) right now and setting up VPN which works well, it seems that if I leave it running it will in a matter of hours max out the CPU and eat all the memory.

It seems something to do with dhcpv6 running wild
what can I do?

64 MB might be rather little for a x86(_64) VM, contrary to the typical MIPS or ARM based targets, the x86(_64) images aren't stripped down just as much (partially in order to provide more generic device support, partially because optimization is more focused on better performance than minimum footprint) - and running additional services at a higher performance requirement (WAN throughput, routing/ NAT and VPN in particular) require their own share of resources. Personally I'd try to give a 32 bit x86 VM at least 128 MB RAM and somewhere between 256 MB to 512 MB minimum for a 64 bit VM (x86_64/ ARM64, etc.).

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uci set network.wan6.auto="0"
uci set network.wan6.disabled="1"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

@slh I can try increasing resources, sure. however it seems that this is not a normal behaviour, there are numerous copies of the same process, each draining its own resources.

@vgaetera done. but this also disables IPv6 right?

It doesn't look like you are distributing IPv6 to the VM.