Orico Metacube Mini

can this device support openwrt?

That would likely depend on what the unnamed Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55 processor is.

Without knowing what's the underlying hardware, how can this be supported?

I looked at this last year. The HW is marketed under a few names. They all run something called Weline OS built on WEB 3. Needs to be set up with an account online. Could not find a way to SSH in. Was unable to find any documented ways to hack it.

There is a developers link on this page near the bottom. There is nothing much there other than some Android SDK items.

I liked the form factor. Have been looking for something like this for a long time.

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Yes I think not worth. A simple openwrt router with external usb ssd is still the best way to go.

This item was an option being considered for temperature logs backup for some hundreds cages in various cold rooms.

thanks for your feedback.

So depends on your use case, but I have an old GL-iNet MIFI which is battery powered and has an SD card slot. It's my travel solution. Thier firmware has media options built in. I can load content and run it as a Router or an AP. Its now EOL, but the Puli is the replacement. Comes with a 4G module, but u do not need to use it. SD card is slow for data transfer, but streams fine.

If you want a "NAS" on your home system find an old NUC style device (X86 with minimal RAM and low end CPU). Put an SSD inside and boot OpenWRT from USB. You will need to configure this with packages.

Ultimately both show as a network share in Windows.