Order of initialization modems (USB/COM ports) in OpenWrt

I have installed three modems on OpenWrt 21.03, and have problem of assigning modems of it's own WAN and COM ports. All of them have different paths:


I am thinking about:

  1. Add delay initialization on boot for every port ("2-2" + 5 seconds, "2-3" + 10 seconds);
  2. Statically bind each modem to it's own WAN and COM ports.

I have try 1 method with hotplug in "usb" directory:

[ "$ACTION" = add ] || exit 0

num=$(echo "$DEVICENAME" | awk -F':' '{print $1}')
case $num in
 2-2) sleep 5 ;;
 2-3) sleep 15 ;;

But this did not work for me.
2 method is more preferred for me, but i am can't understand, how OpenWrt bind devices to the system? Can i overwrite system (kernel?) rules of binding USB devices with my needs?