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So I have the SRK60, which consists of the SRR60 and the SRS60, router and satellite respectively.

I see I can install Openwrt via the Web interface, but I see the current available images from this commit turns both router and satellite into routers as per the default configuration:

The SRR60 default image config looks perfect, but it looks like I will need to self compile the SRS60 image so that it is by default a Wireless Access Point that bridges over the QCA9984 wireless interface.

Would anyone be able to give me pointers regarding the correct configuration for a self compile for a wireless access point with no WAN or Firewall required?

OpenWrt isn't intended to initially boot into a ready to use condition. You will have to log in and configure each unit to meet your needs. Hardware with more than one Ethernet port starts out with a very basic lan-> wan routing setup with one port the wan and the rest LAN. The wifi is always turned off, so you have to connect by Ethernet.

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I'm actually quite happy to disagree about the ready to use statement, every default openwrt config has a WAN port configured.

Grabbed imagebuilder, going to build something custom rc5

Single Ethernet port devices don't, AFAIK. OpenWrt supports a few of those. There it's just a single LAN port configuration.

I'll have to grab an AP and check,

would https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/atheroswds be the best option
22.03rc5 imagebuilder fails, issue with wolfssl package not available for architecture.

Always some funkiness going on with WolfSSL... If you got the flash space, throw it out and use OpenSSL.

Yes, WDS should work, using it myself here.

Something weird, both the wlan and the bridge have different IP address but wds works.

Now to see about utilising that 4gb emmc

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