Orange TV box in WIFI

I'm waiting for a Orange TV box version 4 with WIFI that will probably solve the problem, however I'm testing at the moment:

Fiber <-> Livebox 4 <-> WIFI AC <-> OpenWRT WIFI AC box <-> Orange TV box (old model)

When I connect my computer to the Orange TV box and do a speed test with SpeedTest I have 260/200 Mbps
This should be more than enough as bandwidth for TV

So I wonder why it does not work (flow that does not go well?)

**I notice that the time is there but the MAC address of the TV box does not go into the graphic configuration (connected equipments) of the LiveBox 4 **

** I even discovered better:**
From a string, for example 1, The Replay works (ditto for Arte)

Odd, weird that "normal" channels do not work
This is the usual message as with TV flux that does not pass: We are sorry but the requested channel is not accessible

Does anyone have an idea?

The router is a WR1200JS used in repeater mode