Orange Pi Zero LTS 512MB H3 Wifi Enable


I have an Orange Pi Zero LTS 512MB H3 device. I downloaded the version in this link. But I couldn't activate wifi. How can I activate wifi?

OpenWrt leaves WiFi radios off by default. WiFi is activated from the LuCI interface under Network>Wireless or from the configuration file /etc/config/wireless, which you can edit by connecting to your device via ssh terminal session.

Wifi is not showing in Luci interface. There is no file called /etc/config/wireless.


It looks like WiFi is not supported by OpenWrt on this device. Also, on the toh hwdata page it lists " WLAN driver: other"

There is pretty much zero hope for Allwinner XR819 wireless hardware, both the hardware and the vendor driver are NOT_GOOD (to keep it PG13).

To use WIFI, you need to assemble the image yourself from the source codes.
Or use someone else's builds.
Read here.

Just to provide some update, the wireless driver of XR819 is actually quite stable since mid-2020, and works flawlessly since Oct 2022, thanks to the work of dbeinder/fifteenhex. The README is misleading because it has not been updated for more than 3 years - it does not reflect at all the working status of this driver.

Maybe it is finally time to recreate an xradio package for OpenWrt for that device based on