Orange Pi Zero LTS 512MB H3 Wifi Enable


I have an Orange Pi Zero LTS 512MB H3 device. I downloaded the version in this link. But I couldn't activate wifi. How can I activate wifi?

OpenWrt leaves WiFi radios off by default. WiFi is activated from the LuCI interface under Network>Wireless or from the configuration file /etc/config/wireless, which you can edit by connecting to your device via ssh terminal session.

Wifi is not showing in Luci interface. There is no file called /etc/config/wireless.


It looks like WiFi is not supported by OpenWrt on this device. Also, on the toh hwdata page it lists " WLAN driver: other"

There is pretty much zero hope for Allwinner XR819 wireless hardware, both the hardware and the vendor driver are NOT_GOOD (to keep it PG13).

To use WIFI, you need to assemble the image yourself from the source codes.
Or use someone else's builds.
Read here.