Orange PI R1 USB Port

I've been trying to get the USB on the Orange PI R1 to work but no avail. I came across the patch by macromorgan that's written for OPI Zero but I don't know if and how I can use this on the OPI R1, what all stuff I need to modify. I would appreciate if either one of @jayanta525 or @macromorgan can help.

I agree with many others that OPI has onboard USB Ports, accessible via this expansion so the patch should've been upstreamed, and how it was closed with a comment by ynezz that

the USB is accessible via the 26 pin expansion header

is totally incorrect, not sure why anyone didn't question it. As you can see in the pictures, this "port extender" connects using a 13 pin header, dedicated to onboard peripherals and not the 26 pin GPIO.

I'm sorry if I violated any forum rules by either incorrect formatting or tagging as this is the first time I'm posting. Thanks

Download this file to target/linux/sunxi/patches-5.4/


Thank you Sir @jayanta525, really appreciate the quick response. To confirm, why is it a 26 pin header patch when the 26 pin header is actually GPIO and the USB header is a separate, 13 pin header on the opposite side of the board?

@n007 Sorry, it should be 13 pin header.

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Thanks again.

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How do I go about adding patches? Does the existing built for OrangePI R1 gets amended, or do I start from scratch with barebones OpenWRT source? If barebones OpenWRT, wouldn't that be quite a task to make it ready for this board?
I'm new to OpenWRT so if you can point me in a direction (document or a link) to get started I would really appreciate it.

Prepare a build system first,

Before compiling, download the patch to target/linux/sunxi/patches-5.4/

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