Orange pi R1 plus support

Well that was unexpected... At least for me!

router -> gateway

40 packets transmitted, 23 packets received, 42% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 0.982/1.077/1.163 ms

ps: gateway is just another dummy router btw

First: I can give another report of everything working well on the LTS with a build of Tianlings latest PR without any additional patches/changes.

And I cannot reproduce the packet loss error on my side. :man_shrugging:

It is nice to know. Would you mind sharing kernel log and your builded-firmware please?


On new motorcomm driver for rj45 port

  • 1Gbit : Only green LED is active and blinks. On-board WAN-LED works.
  • 100Mbit : Only amber LED is active and blinks. On-board WAN-LED works.
  • 10Mbit : There is no LED activity. on-board WAN-LED works.

Prior to kernel 5.15 Amber light = activity LED and Green LED = link LED, Both of them are always active on any negotiated link speed when link is up.

Can anyone confirm that?

it's just an ugly hack and cannot be accepted by upstream

I guess my problem is related to the way phy-ethernet driver get initialized or some default behavior of network or driver. I did not test it. I will do as soon as i can. Because i have no issues with default generic phy driver on 5.15 with old hacky way(using nanopi-r2s as base).

@1715173329 Okay i made it work as it should do. Something is not right with initializing phy on 008-v6.4-arm64-dts-rockchip-Add-Xunlong-OrangePi-R1-Plus-LTS.patch. I just modified the gmac2io node. It works but i do not understand anything with these files. Any suggestion is appreciated. I will have a look when i have time. And of course if you want it, i could share dirty and embrassing gmac2io node :grimacing: .

Losses are fixed. But unable to assign or get assigned IP with hotplug event. Router needs to get rebooted to achieve that. motorcomm,auto-sleep-disabled

auto sleep should be disabled, vendor driver also does it

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