Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS eth0 as Lan


How can I use the eth0 as lan port instead of wan?
I can't seem to figure it out, because when I plug the eth0, it just doesn't detect the connection,
but when I use it as wan port, it works normally

No matter if it's connected or not, it still shows as no link

Hmm. I had the exact same problem. I assumed it was a hardware problem. I did get it to work. I will have to see if I still have the info. I used a USB dongle as the WAN port

Any updates?
I still have this issue

Just curious, anyone tried:

config device
        option name 'br-lan'
        option type 'bridge'
        list ports 'eth0'
        list ports 'eth1'
  • And then create an Interface LAN using br-lan?

What I did was create a file called


in kgoerbig's build source tree with contents

uci delete network.@device[0].ports
uci add_list network.@device[0].ports='eth0'
uci set network.wan.device='eth1'
uci set network.wan6.device='eth1'
uci commit network

I then built from kgoerbig's build adding required USB dongle drivers

I did not try changing it form the default image download