Orange Pi Plus/ Orange Pi Plus 2: Documentation outdated, much more works

I have a Xunlog Orange Pi Plus 2.

The OpenWrt Info page for that device is quite outdated: Almost no peripherals work according to that page, but I have (openwrt-22.03) working ethernet, working HDMI (via simplefb), working LEDS, two working buttons, working USB. Not tested yet:‌also working by manual tweaking the kernel config: Audio, DRM video (to change the video mode; I have a tiny display I want to use for status which identifies as a way too capable display and so the choosen video mode does not fit). Not tested yet: Onboard USB-SATA, Infrared, RS232, GPIO pins. Not working: CSI Camera, internal WiFi.

That page has not seen much love since 2016. You can help to improve the wiki by editing that page.

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What will the real name be used for?

That's what the dokuwiki user registration is asking for:

Same as the email, it will not be publicly visible.
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I noticed I already have an account -- seems I have set it up by myself already long time ago? Never used it though.