Orange Pi and HDMI monitor

I have Orange Pi PC with OpenWRT 18.06.04 and it's works fine.

But for debugging purposes I want make console(tty) output to HDMI port (monitor).
And input via USB keyboard.

Does it posible and what I need for this?

Input should be possible after installing the HID kmods (USB mouse and keyboard drivers)

Video may require proprietary drivers which may not be available outside of the OEM license terms. I didn't see anything obvious when I searched the list of available packages or

About HID kmods - thank you!

But when system starts I see kernel output for first 10-15 seconds and only after that screen go to black?

Sorry, at start I see loader ouput and then only one string "Starting kernel..."

Why not use serial?

Because when device used at our customers we not always have available UART!