Orange Pi 5 Plus

I am looking for future network upgrades, and eventually dive into the docsis 4.0 realm, looking for a cost effective main router. I found the Orange Pi 5 Plus. It's a powerful board. I presently have the Orange PI R1 PLUS , and compiled my own openwrt firmware here.

I eventually would like to upgrade to the Orange Pi 5 Plus once prices start to drop, and I can find a way to build openwrt for the RK3588 chipset with an updated kernel. Are there any known sources for current openwrt source for the RK3588 chipset?

friendlywrt ?

Just tried friendlywrt source from github. The only Rockchip available in their source is RK33xx.

3588 is mentioned in, but I've never used friendly myself.

Thanks for the information. They do have RK3588 images for the nanopir6s, and I'd be curious with anyone that has this board if this image works with it.

you're asking in the wrong place, we have nothing to do with their images ...

Closing this thread since the Orange Pi 5 is not supported by OpenWrt. Please visit the friendlyelec support channels for assistance.