Orange Pi 5 B (wifi6)

I would like to ask if Orange Pi 5 B (B is with wifi6) info can be used properly for wireless AP with OpenWRT if anybody used this combination. Perhaps AP products, on the same price tag as Orange Pi 5 B, are more efficient, but OPi 5 B can latter be used in other ways.
I noticed here that there is an OpenWRT release just for Orange Pi 5 plus, but no Orange Pi 5 B.
If anyone used it with OpenWRT, his opinion would be helpful.

might provide some insight, my reading of that would be 'no'.

Apart from getting it to work and supported 'at all', you shouldn't treat this wireless as full-featured anyways. On the one hand brmfmac is rather limited, but more importantly it's just a single (non-DBDC) radio, so it could do either 2.4 GHz xor5 GHz, not both at the same time.

Neither Broadcom, nor NXP, nor Synaptics care about linux support for their hardware.