Oracle database on OpenWrt

My company is going to deploy a server based software which requires Oracle database. That RDBMS does support Linux. Is there any restriction that prevent it to run on OpenWrt? My router is the (quite powerful) Newifi 3.

"Sure, just give Oracle a call for a license"

(It is a commercial product, not "free" in any sense for commercial use.)

Well, with a processor that they don't support, effectively no memory, no meaningful disk-drive capabilities, ...

... I wouldn't hold your breath.


Such software licence is not a problem with my company. And of course, a fully functional server is not an issue either. I want to make everything work on the weakest piece of hardware though.

I can plug a portable HDD into the USB 3.0 slot, but just realize that ARMv8-A is not on the list of supported CPU. And it requires at least 1GiB of RAM.

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