Optimum Router experiencing bufferbloat during prime time hours

Hello I have an Altice 44378 with 1 gig internet.

i was wondering if there was a way for me to decrease my buffer bloat with this router because I consistently lag when I play video games on my PC during downtime and my waveform test was a C
I am hardwired straight into the modem from my PC. during the day everything is fine but at night its when games are practically unplayable, if anybody had any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it

Do you have a router running OpenWrt?

i am pretty new to all of this, so im not sure what that is, or how to do it. I saw this forum of people troubleshooting network issues so i thought someone could help.

If thats a requirement i dont mind doing it.

This forum is specifically about the OpenWrt firmware for routers. Your device is not capable of running OpenWrt, so if you want help here, you would need to get a router that is supported by the project.

I don't know what capabilities your existing device has, but this forum is not the right place to figure that out. You can look to general networking forums on the internet for that info, or look into buying an appropriate router for your needs that can run OpenWrt (which can run several different packages that can help with buffer bloat).

Feel free to browse (and ask questions in) the hardware section of our forum to select a router that meets your needs that can run OpenWrt:

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Okay thanks !