Optimizing MR8300 wireless configuration

Hi there, I just flashed OpenWrt onto my Linksys MR8300 which has SoC's IPQ4019 and QCA9888. I have read the specs for them and have inferred that I should be setting up my wireless network using radio2 ( IPQ4019 as seen in the attached screenshot). I am trying to use this router to manage the wifi in my coffee shop in the US where there are anywhere between about 5 - 100 clients that need to be on the network. I currently have a wireless network using radio2 as shown.

Should I be using a different radio/SoC? Should/can I run a separate wireless network on each radio/SoC? Should/can I utilize all or multiple radios to provide access to one wireless network? I would ideally like to just have one network for everyone to join. Any help or advice would really appreciated.

Hi, I have a very similar device, Linksys EA8300. You can use any combination of the wireless radios that you wish. Radio 0 will use 5G channels 100 to 165, Radio 2 will use 5G channels 36-64. In the U.S. the ones in between are called DFS channels and are reserved for use other than home wifi. Your Radio 1 will broadcast 2.4G on channels 1-11.

5G is faster than 2.4G but doesn't have the same range. Personally I wouldn't bother running two different 5G networks.

You can setup wifi networks on each radio using the same name as long as they aren't on the same channel. Luckily your device wouldn't allow that anyway. Usually when people do that they want to offer Fast Roaming on their network that usually has more than one access point. If this is your only device then fast roaming wouldn't be necessary.

100 connected clients is a lot, doubtful that one single AP can service that to satisfactory level. Normally I'd suggest to keep one of the 5 GHz networks to yourself (attached to its own VLAN/ private network for non-customer uses), but in this case you really want to distribute the wireless traffic as much as possible (and still plan for 1-3 more APs…), so the same configuration for all of them (wireless power tuned down as necessary).