Optimizing a long-distance wifi link (~730 feet) using 2 CPE210's

I'm relatively new to OpenWrt, i have experimented with it on an old RavPower device but this is my first time using it for real. I have two TP-Link CPE210's acting as a WDS Bridge over 730 feet of distance of tree-dense land in the boondocks of louisiana to get internet to a remote building. I currently have both devices outside, mounted with zip ties aimed at eachother as close as i can eyeball as this is still experimental, but long term they will be on proper mounts higher. I do have a working WDS link set up and i get roughly 20 megabit per second one way and 15 the other way with SNR's of around 15-20.

Is there anything i can optimize in settings so i can get better performance or is there no software-tuning to be done. Im running 20mhz wide wireless N and have little interference as i live in the country.

One of my CPE210's is a v2 and the other is a v3, if that matters.