Optimized build LEDE 17.01 / OpenWrt 18.06 / libreCMC for "small devices" TP-LINK WR740N(D) WR741N(D) WR743N(D) WR841N/D) All Versions


LEDE / OpenWrt is not only US, it has reached thousands of countries, in my case I am from Mexico and I have no problem with those jurisdictions :wink:


Hello @xhaka.

Why you disabled IPV6 on your build? Space?



Yes, you are correct in eliminating IPv6 for space reasons, also my ISP does not fully introduce this protocol and it has caused me problems in the navigation, so I decided not to include it in my construction.

Do you need IPv6?


Hello @xhaka.

Yes, my ISP support IPV6 and i use, that´s why i asked you about that...
Do you thing that is possible to include?



I also need DDNS... I think that will be a lot of work to you...


Hi @julianocs

Have you ever decided to create your own compilation to your liking?

I was a user of these projects here and here until I was encouraged to create my compilation ... you should try :wink:


Hello @xhaka.

The problem is that I'm a Windows user.
I don't have any experience with Linux, also don't have a machine with Linux installed...

Do you think that is possible to do something about that? Maybe a portable Linux, a good tutorial... :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice.


Hello @xhaka.

I never had a problem with Ipv6 and Wr841.
I think that, at least Wr841, can handle it.

Even in 17.01.5 there's not enough space for IPv6?



@xhaka, take a look of my Wr841...



You can install Ubuntu as a guest using the VirtualBox software. I use a clean OS install in a VM to build packages all the time.


Hello, I usually have one or another disconnection but it is my ISP's problem I use my WR741 router with PPPoE protocol.
After making the general configuration I usually use cronjobs to renew the WAN connection when the Internet is not used in my home

30 3 * * * * ifup wan


Nani? I am using PPPoE as well. Is there something I can do to prevent disconnects on my wr740n v5?


Hi @Herten

I do not know the origin of your disconnections, I just compiled V 2.0 with some small adjustments and added themes


tested this on 740v4. first fw flash somehow failed, I had to debrick router with tftp, factory->lede went fine. other than that all works fine so far.


Hello @xhaka.
Can build with Vpn SSL for tp wr841n v8 ? I use vpn express ?


@xhaka can you add the snapshot adblock and mini upnp in new versions? I think many people want you to do that like me. Your images are really good. Thanks!


Hello @kunkun3012
I just compiled, a new image in which includes Adblock (SSl Support), SQM and UPnP.
I am testing it on my WR741 v4.xx router. Leave comment if you want the link for download



Hello @xhaka...

With Ipv6? :slight_smile:
I can test if it´s included... (i wasn´t had time yet to customize my own build). And sorry for bad english...



I want to use adblock snapshot version, mini upnp shapshot version in new images. If you do that, please give me links for download. My router is WR841N V11. Thank you so much.


Hi, have you considered building a new version with upnp and adblock support, based on the 18.06 branch?
If not, I'd be interested in you previous build with adblock support for the WR841 N v7.