Optimized build for IPQ40xx devices

Did you install the FW compiled by @sshel ? Did you flash it directly over Linksys stock FW? I am asking because for the (similar?) MR8300 and official OpenWRT the installation has to be done in two steps (22.03 > 23.05), otherwise the device will be soft-bricked.

I posted 22.03.5 It is installed as the original software. You can flash it then change fw_setenv kernsize 500000 and then flash 23.05.0-rc2, 22.03 05 performance is better but it does not support DSA and vlan

Does anybody have a good working download for the mr8300?

That is not exactly as it is to be understood (I wrote the doc BTW). You need a preliminary setting (boot variable change) to be done with a previous OpenWrt.
Once the change is done, you can boot everything : 21.02, 22.03, 23.05 and Linksys. So you can even reverse to Linksys, and flash directly 23.05 from it.

Hi! The file I used (kindly uploaded by sshel a couple of posts above) is "openwrt-23.05.0-rc2-ipq40xx-generic-linksys_mr9000-squashfs-factory.bin".

Yes, that's the firmware I installed, and yes, I flashed it directly from the Linksys stock firmware. The latest firmware wasn't giving me the option of updating, so I had to do it from

FYI. DSA Support is in OpenWRT 23.x. Which will hopefully be officially released soon (at the time of writing it's in RC2 status).

I built the latest firmware from notengobattery. The repository has been changed to the official openwrt You can test it https://sshel.inf.ua/mr9000/


Can someone point me to irqbalance script for IPQ40xx?

This is the script from NoTengoBattery, I use a modified version of it. Note that it's works in 22.03, but not in 23.05 as some interrupt names were changed. Should be easy to fix though.

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Thanks, I startd to use 23.05 image and works really well. Thanks for your efforts.

Hi @Monnionni
Can you please share with us some experience about the wifi on 23.05? I would be interested in the maximum available speed and stability on WiFi.
Thank you!

Hi, I think Wifi is smooth and stable. I have connection 400/50 and added screenshot from speed test. My router is not optimal location.

Thanks @Monnionni,
This is a similar result to that I can get on EA8300 with NoTengoBattery firmware.
Have you fine-tuned any wifi/system parameters to reach this speed or just using the default settings?

Hi, I just adjust channels. Maybe in the upcoming weekend have more time to look into it little bit better.

It shows there is already 23.05.2 ready to download. Fast paced, thanks

guys, does anyone has any advice how to improve I have EA6550v3 using OpenWrt 23.5.02 and while is apparently working fine, I've found that that the 2.4 Ghz signal is very weak and 5 Ghz is more or less but I really like this hardware but it doesn't work fine like the custom builld from NotengoBattery.

I've been testing for a few weeks with the 23.5.x while is nice I think we don't get a good performance. Anyone has any idea how to improve or advice in channels? or region settings?

I could return to NotengoBattery's custom mod for older openwr but his site is shutdown and I dont find any other place where to get it. I would love to maybe setup or adapt his customizations to the 23.5.x

also does anyone had improvement with irqbalance script for IPQ40xx?

Will it work for the linksys mr6350???