Optimize two openwrt routers connection

hi, I have two routers, a tplink8970 with the latest LEDE, and a wrt 3200 acm with the last openwrt. I share my home network with my farm. the tplink 8970 is the modem/router at home. the wrt3200acm is the client at my farm connected to home. now on the wrt3200 I use an alpha usb ath9k-htc with the outdoor tplink antenna TL-ANT2424B . unfortunately I know that the USB connection is not very stable, after a couple of days the radio needs to be restarted. now my question is: can I remove one of the four antennas of the WRT3200acm and hook up the antenna TL-ANT2424B and use 2.4 ghz for station?

Performance might be poor as usual.

I'd suggest you go for Wireless CPE if your farm is a little far away. Ubiquiti are to the costlier side, TP-Link and Mikrotik are better alternatives.
Just hook up two CPE to create a point to point connection, a great solution to long-range wireless connectivity.

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thanks, the signal is very strong -60, so I do not need two external devices. I understand the cpe would be the best solution. at least the wrt radio should be more stable than alpha usb? what I do not understand is if I can damage the router?

No, it won't damage the router.

Although to be kept in mind that some MIMO products transmit and receive simultaneously over multiple antennas, and some uses the same antenna for 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz.

I see 8970 is an ADSL modem router. ADSL can go up to a max of 24Mbps downstream with very poor upload bandwidth and stability, why do you have such a powerful router at your farm if you're sharing a lower-end connection.

-60dbm? how far is your farm?

100 meter, yes i have very poor internet 4 down 0,5 up, the wrt 3200 was a present from my girlfriend.
seeing me very often on the openwrt forum she did a search: best openwrt router, and for christmas she gave me this router. lol

have you considered laying out ethernet cable?
you can get full Gigabit out of cat5e or cat6 cables.
Also, trust me, it's worth it. you won't regret.

damn, a highly capable gift.

I would put a 5 GHz CPE on the house, in AP/WDS mode, and receive it with the 5 GHz radio in the 3200. The stock antennas on it will work fine since you're beaming a strong signal at it.

The 2424 dish is much overkill for 100 meters.

Run SQM on any DSL connection it will help a lot. Also if you're not getting the DSL rate you're paying for, check your indoor DSL wiring (ideally use a home run of cat5 direct to the network interface on the outside of the house) and/or complain to the ISP.

I can not use ethernet cable or use a cpe at home, it's a building. I try to use one of the wrt's inputs, thanks for the answers.

Is there a window facing the farm? You can place a CPE inside facing out the window. The non-dish ones like the Ubiquiti Nanobeam are not physically large.

you've all the hardware required. give it a try. and,

No, it won't damage your 3200.

In my views, connecting the antenna at your home-router and using the 3200 as normal would be a better option.
Or you can try both setups and compare results.

yes, i ll try that, i'm not asking for down up performance, performace are the same home farm 4 down 0.5 up, i just askin for stability, i don't like restart the radio every day. i'll try in this days and report back.