Optimising QOS for Gaming & Local Streaming

As the title says, I am looking to optimize QOS so I can reduce my Upload jitter as it appears to be still very high for some reason. So far I only have 1 devices connected to the Network (being my PC) just to test the Bloatware. I have attached a screenshot to show my bloatware test results.

Any help and advise is greatly appreciated. I plan to do alot of local streaming from my PS5/ PC to a streaming handheld console in the next 2 months and I want it as optimal as possible with a good Bloatware test rank :slight_smile:

(Please go easy on me, im still new to OpenWrt with very little knowledge)

you are many script than you use sorry i'm french user but Openwrt IS a good choice for gaming :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a image of my Bloatware score.


Fixed rate connection? If so just set cake with appropriate fixed download and upload rates.

Yep I just did this now after doing some research about it. My score is now A+ im very happy now.

Here is a video guide for anyone out there who is very new to all of this and wants a visual guide: