Opt out of location services: Which MAC address exacly? I see many



To provide location services, Microsoft assembles and maintains a database that records the location of mobile cell towers and Wi-Fi access points. If you would like your Wi-Fi network to be excluded from supporting location services, submit the MAC address of the hardware that broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal. It can take up to 5 days for this address to be added to the block list.The MAC address for a Wi-Fi access point (such as a wireless router) is a 12 character code that you can usually find on a sticker located on the bottom of the device. If no sticker is present, you can also find the MAC address through the utility used to manage your wireless network.Microsoft takes measures to protect our services, including the block list for Wi-Fi devices, from fraudulent requests and security attacks. If a request seems problematic, it may not be added to the block list.

which MAC address? Where in LuCI I see the correct one?

Network -> Wireless

it's also on the status overview page.

but as it says, it's usually on the sticker.

BSSID is the Basic Service Set Identifier, a unique 48-bit label associated with an individual access point and set of clients affiliated with a specific service set. Often, this will just be the MAC address (or a derivative thereof) of the access point radio.

I didn't know that and that's why didn't found MAC address.

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