OPNsense VLAN -> OpenWRT WiFi dumb AP

Ok apparently a bridge VLAN is just enabling VLAN filtering on a bridge (which can also be br-lan), if I'm understanding this post correctly. So I went ahead and configured VLAN filtering on my default br-lan device as follows:

Now we'll edit the lan interface -- this one has some other issues, so make it look exactly like this:

Done; I actually only had to change the device.

And now add two unmanaged network interfaces for the other VLANs


Now, reboot the AP.

I was not aware I had to reboot the AP in order for changes to take effect. This maay have actually cost me figuring out the solution earlier. However, I don't even get to rebooting - once I clicked "Save & Apply", I got to stare at "Applying configuration changes..." screen for a minute, got disconnected from my WiFi network, and the settings were subsequently reverted as the device couldn't be reached within 90 seconds from applying the changes. I'll try to apply the changes while connected via LAN to see if that helps.

EDIT: Updated the image; I had accidentally set both VLAN 10 and 30 to LAN2, instead of adding VLAN10 to lan2 and VLAN30 to lan3.