OPKG Update help

I am trying to make upgrade to my packages by using the 'opkg update' command and I'm receiving the following: Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/attitude_adjustment.
Please can someone assist me on what does this mean and how to proceed with the update since I'm not familiar with linux and scripts making.
Thank you

Ancient, vulnerable, and unsupported version.
Upgrade to the latest 19.07 version.


Thank you, I will try to do this. hopefully my router will be able to accommodate the latest version. Let's hope.

Which router is this?

ubus call system board
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it is TP Link Archer C7 Ver:1.1

Well supported.
Don't save any settings during upgrading, do a clean flash.


Is it so simple to re-install the packages I already have?
Do I have to download them manually or all will be automatically downloaded?
Sorry for my questions, I did it long time ago and I'm afraid I'll be missing something.
Thank you

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You know, I watched some youtube videos about installing additional packages and noticed that they are writing some scripts prior to installing the package. They were doing some modifications to a root configuration file and then proceeding with the installation.
This actually made feel like reading chinese, I am not able to understand the required steps to do so. Is there any video showing the details of it?

I'm actually concerned about two additional packages, the bandwidthd package and the Wifi Access Control one. Hope I will not find difficulties in installing them after the upgrade.

I can make it from the PC through the Luci interface right? don't ask me to do it by typing scripts, I'm not familiar with scripts at all :slight_smile:

You need to use command-line interface to save the list of packages.
You can use web interface to back up OpenWrt configs.


Hello my friend, I copied the whole script you sent me its link in order to enable the extra commands so I can use the opkg_backup but it was unsuccessful. the system could not recognize the backup command. So I'm stuck at this level.

There are alternative recipes for older OpenWrt versions:
List all packages associated with any user-modified file