Opkg update error (ipq807x)

device : mi ax3600

firmware downloaded from this github

any fix ???

No, as the whole ipq807x target is not being built by the OpenWrt buildbot.

You have a private experimental build from @robimarko . Possibly his discussion thread or GitHub site offers info if any related packages are available somewhere.


ipq807x is not supported by vanilla OpenWrt yet, kernel- and target specific packages (and repositories) don't exist and robimarko is only building a bare bones image so far.
--> there are no binary packages to install yet (apart from generic ARMv8, shared with other targets - this 'works' for simple/ mere userland packages, but fails for anything beyond that).

Your options are:

  • don't install anything beyond the preinstalled package set
  • wait until ipq807x becomes officially supported
  • build from source, with robimarko's ipq807x additions yourself, including everything you may need into your image

At the current state of ipq807x support, you should be familiar with the third option or only pick fully supported hardware.


For option no.3 is there any guid for it
I’m using windows 10 os

Also do you advice me to install pre customised os for this router like those firmware on sites like 4pda
Or just stick with the current firmware ??