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Hello, I have a satellite receiver sitting aside. A few months ago, I managed to connect to the terminal of the satellite receiver with a uart. It uses Linux (none) 3.3.8-4.4 as the kernel. The ram size is 348080 kb. It uses BusyBox v1.21.1. I could not install opkg. When I asked google gemini he told me that the processor architecture is mips_4kc. But the opkg version currently in the repositories is mips_24kc. Can you send me the mips_4kc compatible opkg package?

Is your device officially supported by OpenWrt?

If not, there's nothing available here (or difficult to install).

Run ubus call system board
Then match build number with history https://openwrt.org/about/history
Likely fork compilation branched off long ago and plain absence of opkg means you will not be able to recover /usr/lib/opkg matching pre-installed packages.
There were many libc changes, you need packages of similar age, and in absence of opkg you may need to unzip/cpio/tar them for device. They will be ancient at best.

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There is no mips_4kc listed anymore, but there is mips_4kec. However it's very unlikely to work if it's an old/unofficial build of OpenWrt. You can download and try any package from here:


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More like here: (3.3.8-1)

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Lol true, actually in searching the archives I see "mips_24kc" in 18.06:


Maybe packages linked in there will work for OP.

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mips4kc is mips III , like 3 generations before 24kc.