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I'm on Turris Omnia with OpenWrt master. I use extroot with 500GB mSATA SSD drive. I read this post SysUpgrade with extroot overlay to update it being on extroot. But in addition to the list of installed packages, is there a way to also have the list of those removed from the starting build?

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cat $(opkg export ur)


This is the result. export is a sub-command, but which command?

Install the script using automated section, or just use the relevant parts of its code:

opkg list-installed | sed -e "s/\s.*$//" > /tmp/opkg.ai
sed -e "/^dest\sroot\s/s/$/rom/" /etc/opkg.conf > /tmp/opkg.conf
opkg list-installed -f /tmp/opkg.conf | sed -e "s/\s.*$//" > /tmp/opkg.ro
grep -v -x -f /tmp/opkg.ai /tmp/opkg.ro

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