Opkg leftovers?

I usually only do minimal build, removing opkg (and all other related stuffs). Btw I just found this dir /usr/lib/opkg and I think it's the only leftover, may I remove it manually? May I remove it manually directly by opening the upgrade image as archive?

I definitely know you cannot do this. This could corrupt the image.

Ok, ty :smiley: so can I remove them once the image is installed?

You have multiple threads open that keep asking this similar question.

I don't know the answer. Perhaps you could take the opportunity to explain why you wish to remove them.

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Are you aware that deleting/removing things from the ROM image on a running machine doesn't recover any flash space?

All that "deleting" something from the ROM does is write a bit of information on the overlay filesystem that says "don't look behind the curtain" for the file in question. More than likely "deleting" something from ROM actually increases flash consumption a tiny bit.

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Ahh yea, those files are in ROM. So deleting will actually cause more space to be used, and might brick your router - given they're likely needed.

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