Opkg kernel version issues with 18.06.04

Yesterday I decided to update to 18.06.04 on my WRT1200AC (after giving up for a few months after all the problems with .03) and compile my own version (with a few very minor performance tweaks).
The compiling and installation went fine, but today when I went to add (via opkg) some kmods I compiled as modules (at the same time as the image) it is giving me errors about not satisfying a dependency for kernel 4.14.95, bar the fact that the kernel they were compiled against is 4.14.131 (and the ipk files even say that)!
The kmods are kmod-video-gspca-core, kmod-video-gspca-ov534, kmod-video-uvc and kmod-usb2.

I have also noticed that on Luci that it still says it is OpenWrt 18.06.2 r7676-cddd7b4c77 (not sure if this just a minor bug or if something is screwed up).

EDIT: I figured out why Luci stated an older version (kept some files I should not of had when upgrading), but with a new install I am still getting the kmod error, but this time it is saying it can not find kernel version 4.14.131, bar the fact uname returns kernel version as 4.14.131!

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Kernel modules can only be installed on a system running a kernel compiled using exactly the same parameters.


Like eduperez implies, you can't install kernel modules to private builds. You need to compile them by yourself, along the firmware.

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They were compiled along with the build (I just did not know the exact drivers I needed at the time, so I compiled a bunch of them as modules instead of integrating them in the image), that is what is confusing me.

Please, post the complete output of the 'opkg install ..." command.

How odd, after a reboot it is now not listing the kernel as a missing dependency, but instead other kmods.
So it looks like for some reason opkg was outputting the wrong error message.