Opkg install dropbox in arduino yun v2[solved]

i am trying to install a dropbox package on external sd card of arduino yun!
its says some memory error but sd card has 16 gb memory

Are you running openwrt on an Arduino?

yes arduino yun supports openwrt

Would you post your log using the code button </> please? It’s challenging to read.

If pip is requiring a build, it will most likely not be possible on OpenWrt due to lacking a full GNU build environment and all the required headers and libraries.

The memory issue might be RAM -- the system only has 64MB RAM, so your 16GB memory card won't fix that. You could try to address this with swap space, but I wouldn't really recommend it (it might work, but would be bad for your SD card and it would also be very slow).


click the pic to zoom in and have look please

You won't be able to get any help from anyone reading on a phone, Even on a monitor, that's close to unreadable.

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You are not using opkg for installation, instead your command starts with pip. Are you trying to use some python install stuff there????

yes thank creating swap works fine it was memory issue

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